Absolute Green Electronics Recycling

We are Absolute Green Electronics Recycling, your complete electronics recycling and IT Asset Recovery-IT Asset Management Services Company. We are specialists when it comes to responsible disposal of electronics and utilization of our services could not be simpler. Not only are we  specialized in the safe recycling of all sorts of electronics, we also provide event set up, fundraiser events, collections and pick up services for many of our clients. These services are free of charge to you and we are able to work with your availability. We also have convenient drop off sites in many locations, and we are adding more every day. Check our drop off locations, there may very well be one in your own neighborhood or near your work location.

What We Recycle

Know More About Electronics Recycling

Absolute Green Electronics Recycling maintains reputable partnerships in order to provide responsible electronics recycling  and to ensure that the system is simple and effortless for you. Our facility is fully prepared to take on large volumes of e-waste and process them in a way that is environmentally safe and most of all eco-friendly.  All work is done right here in California and the United States.  Absolutely none of the recyclable electronics are shipped off shore for processing.

Where to turn when you need to offload old electronic equipment? Try Absolute Green Electronics Recycling, your complete electronics recycling and IT Asset Recovery Services-IT Asset Management  Company. We are specialists when it comes to the responsible disposal of electronics waste (also referred to as “e-waste”), and we surpass California EPA and other regulatory strict requirements.  Utilization of our services could not be easier!

E-Waste Collection

Not only are we specialized in the safe recycling of all sorts of electronics but also we provide pick up  and recycling event services. This service is free of charge for you (if you qualify) and we work within your time availability. We also have convenient drop off sites that are growing.  This is our tribute to the commitment that we have to the electronics recycling cause.

How We Do It

Our process here at Absolute Green Electronics Recycling is not only safe and effective, but we also operate solely in the United States. Nothing is sent overseas and all electronic based commodities that we collect are recycled or repurposed right here in this country. A great deal of our process involves the manual dismantling of items, which means that it is done with exacting detail. This also means that effective decisions are made on the spot in an effort to make the most out of any items that we are handling. Whether the best option is recycling, repurposing or refurbishing, Absolute Green Electronic Recycling will do the right thing for your unwanted or outdated electronic equipment.

Asset Recovery Services-IT Asset Management

Wouldn’t it be great if your business could dispose of outdated electronic equipment while at the same time actually make a bit of money in the process? With the assistance of Absolute Green Electronics Recycling you can do just that! Equipment that you may find outdated or unusable may actually have great value to someone else, either in this country or somewhere else in the world. To maximize its value, we can also clean, repair and refurbish the equipment. If the piece of equipment as a whole cannot be reused, we have the ability to recover usable parts and reuse just those components. Anything that can’t be utilized either by full equipment or component reuse will be shredded and completely recycled down to its most basic element. We take all of these steps to ensure that your unwanted electronics do not end up in a landfill. We take the protection of the environment seriously and it shows in our business practices.